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From setting stages to creating the most elaborate and mind blowing stadium tour VIP experiences, Irwin has certainly distinguished himself among the premiere "agents of experience" in the entertainment industry. Professionally taking a leap into the live entertainment world at the young age of 19 years old, Irwin has spent over a decade interrupting your regularly scheduled entertainment experiences with true next level innovation and creativity. 

Working closely with globally recognized artists like Beyoncé, Tyler Perry, Kandi Burruss and Kevin Hart, Irwin is no stranger to the workload that it takes to successfully create and manage a major operation unique for major artists. 

After a decade of managing events and touring with some of the worlds biggest artist, Irwin founded MAJOR CONNECTLIVE. A full service branding and VIP experience company with the goal to enhance each artist brand and magnify each fan experience.  

"I was tired of seeing the same ol' cookie cutter packages being manufactured by the masses and sold to artists and fans. I wanted to do something different... better. I want to be the plug who connects fans with their favorite artist brands and connect artists to their fans in a major way. I may not yet be the leader in this industry, but I will always be the most DISRUPTIVE INNOVATOR in this industry."

- I.L. Caldwell

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